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Titanic Ant
(member of MotherRP-DA)
"Titanic Ants don't happen on Earth."
The Titanic Ant is the first "Your Sanctuary" boss Ness had to defeat in Earthbound/Mother 2, and is the guardian to Giant Step. The Titanic Ant can use basic PSI, such as PSI Magnet α and Shield α, but still relies heavily on physical attacks to defeat his enemies in battle.

While not exactly malevolent in nature, he's very proud, and, like all Sanctuary guardians, quite protective over his area. Unfortunately, he's also quite greedy and easily angered with certain subjects, and sees himself as 'King of the Ants', a title which the Black and Red Antoids do not hesitate to question. He's also quite childish, and forgets things rather easily--his mind works differently than others; he is nearly always focused on food or work rather than events that happened or may happen.
✓ Thick exoskeleton protects him from physical attacks.
✓ Biting with large mandibles can leave severe damage on enemies.
✓ Can "smell" and sense vibrations with his antenna/feelers.
✓ Adapts to change fairly easily.

✕ Heavy exoskeleton slows him down.
✕ Small and feeble insect mind leaves him vulnerable to PSI.
✕ Easily fooled and gullible.
✕ Poor eyesight from afar.

Current Residence: Giant Step Cave.
Shell of choice: ... Shell?
Skin of choice: My own skin, thank you very much.
Personal Quote: "Take it from me, if you dare..."
*the Titanic Ant sits in the cave of Giant Step, his antenna flicking with the slightest of sounds.

The only sounds, of course, being the slow, steady rhythm of dripping water.

All of the Antoids had left shortly after Ness had defeated the Titanic Ant. Even the Attack Slugs and Rowdy Mice had followed suit shortly after, and the Titanic Ant was left alone.

He didn't care, though. Why should he?! He was King of the Ants! Anyone that dare step foot into his cave was sure to suffer the consequences!

And yet...

The Titanic Ant's eye kept drifting over to the exit of the cave, one of the few areas that seeped light into the cave. How long had it been since he was outside? His sense of time was warped: he couldn't tell whether it had been a year or many years.

How often had these thoughts crept into his mind? Far, far too often, and the Titanic Ant nodded slowly to himself, getting to his feet and pacing over to the exit. The light oozing from the cave mouth, weak as it was, made his eyes twitch and he futilely lifted up one of his four arms to shield them. He considered the decision of staying inside. He would be safe, and... there would be no possibility of his cave being taken away!

The Titanic Ant heaves an equally titanic sigh, and, with one final glance to the cave, steps into the light.*

((Oh my gosh that is the worst introduction journal I have ever typed up. 8| Anyways, helloooo! Titanic Ant, here~ I hope to have some fun times with you all!))

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Mother2-Mook Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
A large green alien shifted oddly, looking the larger-than-himself ant with a strange expression of disgust and curiousity.

"What...sort of...Earth creature are you..?"
Mother2-TitanicAnt Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
The Titanic Ant also fidgets somewhat awkwardly, shaking the ground very slightly with his movement. Funnily enough, Mook's question, which seemed simple enough, only raised more questions in Titanic Ant's mind.

He lifts an arm to scratch clumsily at the back of his head.

"I'm--I'm a Titanic Ant. The Titanic Ant. I think I'm the only one of my kin-- No! I am the only one of my kind! I'm the king of the ants!"

Another pause. He reasons that Mook, coupled with his appearance and saying 'Earth creature', does not hail from this planet.

"I don't think I came from Earth..."
Mother2-Mook Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
The green alien blinked his three eyes in unison and looked the ant oddly.

"Oh. Well..." he paused a moment to think, then started again rather slowly.

"Where are you from then..?

Mother2-TitanicAnt Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
"The Antoids remembered that better than I did. Let's see, uh... There was a lot of Antoids... and... other ants, not as big as me." He puffs out his chest proudly.

"I was the biggest. It was like a... a big anthill! Mostly underground. With passageways..."

He shakes his head. "Anyways, you don't... look like you're from here either. Where are you from?"
(1 Reply)
M3-Miss-Marshmallow Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
... So... YOU'RE one of those Sanctuary people, hrm?

To stop Ness and crew from obtaining the 8 Melodies?

But you failed?

And were defeated? Squashed, like a bug?



It's nice to meet you, anyhow.
Mother2-TitanicAnt Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
*he towers over Miss Marshmallow, scowling and glowering at the robot below him.*

And who are you supposed to be? You know of me, but I'm afraid I can't say the same of you.
M3-Miss-Marshmallow Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
*She looks up at him, a small grin on her face. Despite his colossal size, she wasn't very intimidated. After all, she knew they were much alike*

Little Ms. Marshmallow, property of the Pig Army.

I don't blame you. After all, I was just a mere guardian of a Yo-Yo. However, like you, I failed.

Don't you just wish there was some way of getting revenge on those that bested us? I wish I could.
Mother2-TitanicAnt Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
*he stands there, listening to her every words and nodding thoughtfully.

However, revenge... is not really in Titanic Ant's dictionary. He pales, barely noticeable.*

Oh, well... Revenge on Ness..?

I mean...

His PSI attacks hurt.

*he rubs his arm, looking oddly... pitiful. It's an amusing sight, to say the least, when you remember how absolutely huge he is.*
(1 Reply)
mother2-lardna Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
((Ooh! Thanks for watching!

I feel like we totally need a roleplay here. You know... Lardna... bugs... it should happen.))
Mother2-TitanicAnt Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
((Oh my gosh. Yes. This... this needs to happen. I am so glad there is a Larda roleplayer.))
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